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Front End Developer

We are seeking

A front-end developer for a three-month position with experience in implementing complex, data focused web pages. We are using Mongo, Express, Vue, and Node. The position could be extended depending on funding availability.

In this project, we are creating a generalized, open source benchmarking system for farmers to support farmer-driven insights and decision-making.

Full description here.

This project has support from both large companies and small scale growers. Our goal is to create something flexible enough for any community of agricultural producers to collaboratively benchmark against whatever measurements are important to them, from yield to crop quality to soil health. The project is a collaboration between OpenTEAM, General Mills, and the Bionutrient Food Association, among others.

This person will be working with a designer to build the site and a domain expert to implement the UX and language. The site will be heavily integrated with SurveyStack.io (data) and Hylo.com (login), so coordination with developers from those teams will also be important.​ Finally, we have a data analytics team who will be building the widgets to visualize the benchmarked data itself.


Lots of the following fits you…

  • – Experience converting designs and sketches into HTML and CSS
  • – Experience in Javascript
  • – Experience working with Vue, Mongo, Express, Node and common Javascript libraries
  • – Experience with Linux
  • – 1-2+ years of experience working in web development
  • – Strong written and spoken English skills
  • – Communication skills – ability to work with a partner or in a team a must.
  • – Analytical skills- you can spend the right amount of time on the right things (80/20 rule)
  • – Experience in design (Inkscape, Figma, Adobe, etc.) and UI/UX prototyping a big plus.


In a perfect world you would also have

  • – Basic design skills and have built websites before, ideally in WordPress.
  • – Experience in data visualization using D3 or related libraries.
  • – Experience in statistics and/or statistical analysis.


But most importantly, you can…

  • – Quickly and efficiently communicate throughout the development process with the team and the partners to get the job done on time and on spec!


Why we are different

We are a small startup passionate about supporting community-driven science, and we are building a fully open source future to provide that support.  We also think that only through radical collaboration can we achieve our goals. That’s why we are active in the GOSH,  GOAT and OpenTEAM communities.  If you feel programming is a means to an end in shifting the world towards transparency and ‘free as in freedom’ thinking, we may be a good fit!

As a supporter of communities, we also recognize the importance diversity plays in understanding and reflecting the needs of those we serve. We also all personally enjoy working with colleagues who have wide-ranging life experiences, and appreciate opportunities to learn and grow from each other. As such, we are committed to prioritizing diversity within our organization.

Pay and Location

Full-time for three months, but this position could be extended depending on funding availability.

Rate commensurate with experience and background.

We are located in Ann Arbor MI, but applicants work fully remotely. US and International applicants all welcome!


Send resumes to  admin@our-sci.net.  Please:

  • – Include a cover letter describing why this position is a great fit for you.
  • – Reference (with links) examples of your work.
  • – Link any gitlab / github or other active profiles you have that are relevant.


Once we have selected applicants, we may do some additional paired programming sessions or more in-depth interviews as next steps.

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