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Community Research deserves professional tools. Our-Sci Open Source tools help everyone to join in on collaborative research.

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Collect comparable, validated, and flexible data in a jiffy.

Move beyond survey apps or raw databases.
Collect surveys, connect to devices, error check answers, and pull data from APIs using a single workflow.

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Choose from Text Input, Date, Geolocation, Single and Multiple choice select, in-line error checking, if/then form logic, and custom scripting.

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Collect surveys with the Android app. Use Bluetooth or USB to attach measurement data from instruments.

Connect to any web based API to enhance your input. If it runs on JavaScript, it will run on Our-Sci.

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step oneReport, Share, Inform

Track progress or share results using dashboards and reports.
Deliver recommendations to users in real-time, online or offline.

our partners

Here's who is collaborating with us.

our partners

USDA - CROWN project
A multi-stakeholder partnership

The CROWN project is a multi-state, multi-stakeholder cover crop research trial with detailed and complex field, lab, and API data collection needs.

The Our-Sci platform is reducing data input via Google Spreadsheets by using the Our-Sci data collection app, integrating user permissions across the project, and increasing project visibility and transparency to farm partners.

As it is both open source and modular, the USDA can integrate pieces slowly rather than a sudden and potentially costly transition.

Bionutrient Food Association: Real Food Campaign Lab
A community-based non-profit

The RFC Lab uses the Our-Sci platform to collect in-field sample data from 50+ collaborators collecting 1000s of food and soil samples across the US.

This includes data from 35 farm partners, many BFA members collecting data in stores and farmers markets, and from our food and soil quality lab.

In total, a single sample has roughly 75+ data points associated with it, collected by 3 - 4 different people, and shipped from anywhere in the US.

The Our-Sci platform allows us not only to track samples, but inputs data directly from equipment in the lab (scales, spectrometers, etc.) and from weather and soil APIs in the field.

Finally, as a community project we want to deliver results back to farmers, partners, and the BFA community in real time - which we can do using Our-Sci dashboards.

Both in terms of scale and quality, this project would be nearly impossible without an integrated platform like Our-Sci.

Michigan State University, Snapp Lab
An academic research lab

The Snapp lab is interested in improving the available tools for farmer decision making in the USA and sub-Saharan Africa, particularly as they relate to soil quality.

The Snapp lab is using the Our Sci Reflectometer to collect soil spectral data and the Our Sci platform to augment that data with complex lab and API data collection.
To date, we have scanned soils from 1000+ fields across 3 countries, which are being used to develop Soil Organic Carbon prediction models.

Ultimately, this project seeks to use open source hardware and software tools to provide farmers with real-time soil and site appropriate management recommendations.

... also, it is all FOSS!
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