December 22, 2022

Survey version management, a new Help button, plus updates to the SurveyStack x Hylo integration survey.

Version Management

Creating a great survey often involves lots of changes, edits, and improvements. The downside is that after a long building process, you can end up with a bulky survey with dozens of past versions that slow down your load times. With this update, you can now view version history, see which ones have no associated submissions, and remove old survey versions within the survey builder.

To manage survey versions: 1. Click the three dots next to the survey name in the builder and select  Manage survey versions
2. Select any versions you want to delete.
3. Click the arrows next to two versions to pull up a list of changes including questions added, removed, or changed.

New Help Resources

Our SurveyStack User Tutorials page is constantly being updated to support your needs, and we’ve now made it easier to find. When you’re working in SurveyStack and have a question, simply look for the question mark icon in the top right corner. You can also find it in the sidebar menu under Documentation.

If you have additional tutorials or questions you’d like added, please reach out to !

Hylo Question Set improvements

If you use SurveyStack to manage onboarding to Hylo, we’ve improved the Question Set Library resource that manages this connection. It’s now better organized, with clearer language for group members and clarified data permissions. Update your survey ASAP for the best integration experience.

P.S. Now is a great time to join Hylo. The OpenTEAM group is full of fascinating discussions– plus the newest version of Hylo has emoji support! 🎉🤸🚀