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SurveyStack is our in-house data collection, management, and analysis platform, designed specially for community-driven research. Collect and create surveys, connect to devices, error check answers, and pull data from APIs using a single cross platform workflow that works online and offline.

As your project scales, you can create your own SurveyStack version ( for a streamlined experience for your community. Using powerful scripts within the survey, you can deliver recommendations or predictions back to users in real time and access any publicly available resource on the web. We also have survey and scripting staff to help with the hard parts or just get it done for you.

Project Management Tools

Through our experience organizing distributed individuals and organizations, we use Gitlab for issue tracking and notes, open source tools like Discourse and Element for community discussions, and Mural as a real-time whiteboard.

Project management tools can't replace effective communicators - so we also have trained facilitators and project managers to support more difficult discussions and keep projects on track.


The Our Sci Reflectometer is a general purpose, robust 10 wavelength device for measuring spectral reflectance from liquids, flat objects (like leaves), bulk solids (like soil), or surfaces (like an apple).

The primary applications are as a beta instrument for estimating nutrient density in foods through the Real Food Campaign, and to provide localized soil carbon estimates, primarily through the Quick Carbon project. We are planning to offer a generalized version to support people who want to build other calibrations quickly and easily. Email us if you are interested in getting a device to test, or have application questions.