July 11, 2023

Are you using the farmOS integration with SurveyStack? If so, you may notice some recent updates to make your user experience better than ever. 


The biggest change is that there are now more notifications via email when the status of a user’s farmOS integration changes. Previously, there were no notifications sent out in most instances– if an admin made changes to the way someone was mapped via farmOS, they would have to manually communicate what happened, or that user would have to find out on their own. Now, the instance owner will get an automatic email if an admin moves, removes, or adds their instance to a group. 

Within the group, the administrator making changes will now get a banner message telling them their action is successful: 

The user whose instance (e.g. their farmOS address, such as ‘vic.farmos.net’) was changed now receives an email notification when any of the following occur: 

  • Their instance is added to a group
  • Their instance is removed or unmapped from a group
  • Their instance is moved from one group to another 
  • Their email is mapped to an existing farmOS instance

Here’s what that looks like in practice: 

Additionally, If a group admin unmaps or removes an instance from a group, they will now get a pop-up asking why they made this change, and will create a tag for that historical instance with a note about their reason for removal and a timestamp. This creates greater traceability and transparency for both users and admins. 

New farmOS Profile dashboard

The other significant piece of this update for users is that they now have a handy ‘FarmOS Profile’ page below their original profile page in SurveyStack. Here they can see and manage farmOS access in one convenient place, no matter how many instances or groups they’re a part of. 

Thanks to our users and developers for their collaboration on these improvements! If you have additional feedback or questions about farmOS integrations, please reach out to info@our-sci.net, dive into the farmOS x SurveyStack documentation, or join the monthly Community Calls with farmOS